Tonight the three ocean liners, the Queen Mary II, The Queen Victoria and the Queen Elizabeth II were all in NYC at the same time and they all left together. Two of the liners were docked up in Manhattan and the third was in Brooklyn, they surrounded the Statue of Liberty for a fireworks show. We were out on the promenade and it turned very cold and nasty at the end right when the three ships were sitting there and the fireworks went off. I have some pictures and a bit of video of the whole thing, but we left before the finale of the fireworks, and as it was one of us ended up with a touch of hypothermia. These ships are massive and we watched as the QMII turned in the middle of the river, quite amazing to watch. And as we took pictures of them, the passengers took pictures of us.

A million shots of the same thing over and over again. There were photographers and videographers running up and down the promenade getting into position. I was just one of many shooting tonight and that brings up the same issue I have had before, are we generating so much visual media, pictures, videos, recordings etc, that we are drowning the signal of our era under this massive amount of noise. Not that most of the pictures are good and some even great, but is that signal or noise? I am curious on how this generations exceptional artists in the visual medium, and I really mean the photographers, film or digital going to emerge from the mass. Is it from the usual career circuit of being out there for the papers or the magazines, fashion or whatever. Is that the road to greatness or will it be from the fringe, sneered and despaired over by the usual pundits and money makers. And isn't really the art brokers who's voices are really listened to these days. And is that different from any other time.

ta ta for now