Started out the evening going to a kabob house having lamb and a falafel made by a group of Mexican guys who were running the place. Mexicans and Central and South Americans probably cook the biggest variety of cuisines than any other group on the face of the planet. These guys start out as washers and end up cooks in such a diverse selection of restaurants. My favorite taco joint is all Japanese, NYC is still has some of its soul left, though most of it is rapidly being forced out by real estate interests who are squeezing all the interesting people out of the city and replacing the soul of the city with premade plastic fake culture. A phenomena that is happening in all the major urban centers. A funny moment on Anthony Bourdains show was in Singapore where he noted at a small food stand, " food made fast, not fast food" and that sums it up. In the US plastic industrial everything is taking over. Fast food is simply food made in an industrial manner, processed, ground up and infused with chemical tastes and flavors. So the same for the chain restaurants and packaged culture.

We then went off to a Eugene O'Neil fest piece celebrating the musical book of O'Neil sung by K.T. Sullivan and a group of young very talented men from Yale called the "SOB's". They were all very talented, including the actor and musical director, but in the end I ended up bored. The seat was uncomfortable and the whole thing left me listless and worst of all I couldn't take pictures so I had no recourse to the overwhelming desire to sleep. After leaving and having a piece of pizza then back to the World Finance Center Winter Garden for a small bit of the guitar festival celebrating Bob Dylan. Much better for me and best of all I can take pictures.

We can only hope that some culture will continue to survive in NYC that isn't all about the amount of money it can generate. Perhaps all the people who fill up the city will finally realize they have won the city but lost the city they wanted to live in.

ta ta for now