I am embarking on a new art project. I can't say too much right now until the project matures a bit but it involves leaving the digital realm and returning to a more physical platform. Definitely low tech, which is something I have been discussing off and on for awhile. It is funny because I have been involved with computers and digital stuff for some time and it has been the basis for changing directions in my life. I reinvented my career based on high tech, I was a train operator and when I took a promotion I used my computer and technology skills to redirect the course of my career away from the trains in the subways to computers and training. At one point I taught people how to operate subway trains, and I trained the conductors how to safely operate the doors and make announcements and all that good stuff. But then I took a new direction into high tech and never really looked back. In fact I take pride in the fact that I forgot most of what I knew how to do and glad of it.

So now I am looking at going the other direction by heading low tech away from digital, still using the fruits of my digital labors but using them in a decidedly non technical way. And I like that, it refreshes my artistic sensibilities. I want to take a detour, I think if I don't veer away from my current directions I will get stale and continue to do the same thing over and over again. At some point in my photography I will have to move away from my self portraits and go over to some thing different. Who knows, other peoples portraits, animals, whatever, I am not sure. And I will need to go back to film and leave digital for awhile, always need to freshen myself.

More on all this later.

Oh and we put in the application for the cat with references and a call to our vet. Keep you posted.

ta ta for now