Ours is currently a two cat household. We have two Burmese cats, Sam our senior citizen is 17 and our kid is Stella who is 4. We got Stella so when one of the older cats passed there would still be two cats. And that has worked, as I believe that Sam has done well partly due to having Stella to sleep with and groom. I think if his sister had passed and left him alone he would not have done so well. So I have a friend who is a cat rescuer and showed me a picture of another Burmese which is very rare to find on rescue sites. And now we are filling out an application. Of course there a lots of things to consider such as bringing in another female with Sam being old and a bit frail and whether Stella will fight for dominance and all that. Only the future knows how this will turn out, keep posted.

Does that have anything to do with life art or whatever, I guess so. It is my life and informs how I think and feel about the world. I have lots of pictures of my cats mostly to preserve our memories and a few I have turned into art pieces. My emotionality informs my work and in my self portraits you can see that conveying feeling and some sense of deeper thought, even if it isn't always there.hehehehe There is something to be said about our connections to the animals around us, the humanity or inhumanity of our relationship to our pets and food animals. I am not morally opposed to food animals but I also believe that our current industrial production techniques make us crueler than need be. We treat each other like crap so I guess it shows on how we treat animals as well. In fact there is a definite connection between sociopath behavior, serial killers and the maltreatment of animals at an early age. Cruelty to animals by young adults and future bad behavior does have a connection and has been documented time and again. I watch the animal channel and it tears my heart to see what people do to pets. Sickens me.

Sorry, didn't mean to get so morose. I will sit here surrounded by my little Burmese pride and ponder on tomorrow.

ta ta for now