Well if you know me from flickr you will note that I have been rather neglectful of my account except for one thing. I have gone back and removed any cc rights from some of my pics. The more I read the more concerned about the cc licensing done under creative commons. There are a lot of images I will use the cc because I want to share my works and want others to take my pics and rework them. But the others I want to hold back and now I am starting to be better informed on the freedoms and limitations of that type of licensing. Sounds great in theory but the more I read the less I am impressed the reality of a lot of web 2.0 thinking. It is the fact that the Internet has become what it was always meant to be, a giant sales and marketing tool. The people who see the Internet as the tech utopia, great techno leveler never understood communications in modern industrial capitalism. The Internet was just too new for the market forces to become apparent to all the Utopians. Anyway, enough on that.

I have started to try my hand again at videos which is one of the things that attracts me to ipernity. I had a couple of pieces up on vimeo and youtube but I like the all in one packaging here. The slow pace does kinda bug me but hell I am not going anywhere so this works. And I get to view other peoples work so I can start to charge my video batteries.

I hope you like my little offerings and it would be great if you have some helpful suggestions that can help me make my stuff a little better.

So on that note, oh and I avoided my piece which was going to be more on food, from watching the travel channel all day I am going to say:

ta ta for now