I believe it was Dennis Hopper who was studying acting in NYC who spoke of visiting museums and plays and other art venues to gather in the inspiration for his craft. That to truly deliver emotional content and quality you had to gather in the world to be able to synthesize something new to deliver to the world. I go to plays, through low cost ticket agencies and have enjoyed going to the art museums in New York, but mostly I watch TV. I am trying to increase the quality of my viewing. As I said before I am spending a lot of time on these reality shows focused on design either of fashion or food. One of the things I have come across and now incorporated into my life is the whole foodie world. I bought several books on cooking, making of a chef and Anthony Bourdains' book on the dark side of the chef. I fell in love with his writing and watched his show on the food channel. But now I am even more intrigued by his new show on the Travel Channel. I admit, I love his writing style and hope someday to capture that world weary learned cynical style of his. He has earned it by life experience or he fakes it really good. I do have to say, he does eat stuff I couldn't even fathom being edible, but to me it is fascinating. I can live vicariously through him without suffering the torture of trying to eat stuff I will never try. But I can be intrigued and entertained and informed by his adventures.

Food is a wonderful ephemeral and all too disposable art. I love to see the way people take the bits of the world about us and craft them into pieces of culinary art. Whether it is in the flavors or the presentation it is all so wonderful, with the stress on wonder. I watch chefs create landscapes from cereal, or gigantic creations from sugar and cake or take eels or snails or weird bits of animals and craft tasty little treats. The results make a huge impression on us then they are gone. Imagine if our images or paintings or sculptures were like food, I show you my pictures, you digest my work and it is gone. All you have is the memory of Van Gogh or Picasso, nothing remains until they make a new piece, and when the artist is gone so is the work. Could we create art from recipes, an odd thought indeed.

ta ta for now