Being sick sucks, big time. Although it is a reminder of the fact we are at bottom biological in nature. For all that we talk of souls and our higher mental powers and the spiritual nature of man, we are still animals beset by the frailties of this all too mortal flesh. We are fed upon and made hosts to a myriad of creatures that some help and other hinder and yet others come to some kind of neutral agreement. The flu which used to kill us now only makes us sick as dogs. Killing us was not a great evolutionary path for that virus and this one is much more successful. Mites feed on our skin and bugs call our guts home and quite happy little campers they are, in fact we now can buy these buggers in commercial form to help strengthen the position of the good bugs.

Is there some connection to art in all this, well yes and no, it does not directly reflect in some profound insight yet at the same time, knowing who and what we are as people should express itself in our most profound endeavors.

ta ta for now