So on my last piece I was writing about the issues of light and my frustrations with my camera. My friend Amiko responded with pointing out the question of using the RAW format from my camera. The camera I use the most doesn't have that output. But it also raises another issue, and that is my attitude towards technology and art. Now the truth of the matter is, all photography is based on varying degrees of sophisticated technology, it has simply changed the level of technique. That I use a digital camera and photoshop shows that I am not simply being a Luddite on the subject. But there is something to be said on how we relate to the technology of photography. Do I solve my problems by embracing differing techniques or using different types of technology or do I the "artist" adapt myself to the limitations of the hardware I am using or the software. Now the RAW format is called the digital negative and using software would be the equivalent of using an enlarger and darkroom techniques. That is one creative path, the other which I think I would like to aspire to, is adapting myself to the machine and see if I can warp the machine to produce something new that is based on some creative warping from me not from the creativity of the person who created the software or hardware. It is a slight philosophical divergence. I refer back to the days I used to take a video camera, hooked up to a video color corrector and then to the television. I would shoot a picture then change them with the video color corrector and then photograph the TV. All done with technology but there was a sort of organic quality to the process. I could do it easier with photoshop now but the physicality of the operation gave me certain limitations that I enjoyed.

I am not sure if what I am saying is very clear but I hope to pursue this line of reasoning further in future pieces here.

ta ta for now