I don't like the cold much, especially when it gets nose hurting cold. But I do enjoy the changing seasons. One of the things that I have become more attuned to is the changing light not only of the year but of the day. The morning summer light is especially nice when it is so crisp and clean and then mellows out to the middle of the day where it gets diffuse. I love it when the rain breaks the clouds part and the sun comes out in all the munificent glory of the day. I have a picture that I shot just because I love the crisp light on the building, every window is bright and gleaming and the red brick stands out with nice lines around the window framing. I am still working on learning the ins and outs of using my new digital camera, I found a setting that measures the ambient white balance and that has improved my shots, I am trying not to use too much photoshop to compensate for my camera. The other setting which I am exploring is black and white, I prefer the richness of the grain of a film camera the black and white from my Nikon digital is giving me the type of shot I like. The one feature I am not liking is how the camera compensates for the low evening light, I think I need to go back to low speed long exposure color film to get the rich tones that I can see but not capture with my camera. For some reason during the summer the sunsets over the Hudson are breath taking and I have taken a number of shots, the very rich red tones grab me but I am not quite getting what I want from digital. Also there are more subtleties from the water that I am trying to catch.

So I keep working on learning how the digital medium works with light, sometimes very interesting sometimes it leaves me wanting.

ta ta for now