Congratulations to all those who have emotionally survived the holiday season. For those of you who approach and exit this time of the year on a positive note all the better. But for those of you who like the majority of humanity face the battle of expectations on so many fronts, my hat's off to you for hunkering down in the face of disappointment and delirium and barging through. You know what I mean, the what kind of gifts will I give to what will I get to how does that reflect the love given and received and oh my God what will I do on New Years Eve and now I have to face my life over the past year and come up with some kind of summation that isn't at least too painful and then make some more stupid resolutions to show that I am determined to do better this year kind of stuff.

Feh on all of that, resolutions are bogus, we make decisions and choices everyday of our lives. The resolutions we make are the ones we decide and execute from moment to moment in the stream of our lives. Every moment is a branch and we often go onto one limb or another. So I reject the whole idea of new years resolutions in favor of just living my life and plotting a course throughout the year. This to me is the way to go.

As I said before, no matter how I feel about my art or being an artist the real decisions being acted upon were made every time I picked up my camera or fired up photoshop and posted something. Somewhere in my mind is the confidence to say "hey world, I think this is interesting and worth your time looking" or with this taking some time to read my words. And by gum, there are at least 9 to 13 of you doing just that. Peeking a little into my mind and my life, and perhaps finding it interesting or entertaining or something. Hell, I find my life a little entertaining and when I don't I do something about it, if only to crack a joke or pick up a book.

So face that new year as you did the last one, make your choices in everyday life and you will find a path and if that one doesn't suit you then make a turn somewhere.

ta ta for now