I am going to do my best to avoid the usual comments on heading into a new year. I am still working on expanding the subjects of my writing. To go beyond the artist angst issue or the value of my work. The truth of the matter is no matter how I felt about it, I continued to produce material and had fun in the doing. What I do find fun is finding patterns in my work, where I start to create directions in my photo-shopping, developing trademark techniques of patterning and layering. I only recently started adding those little text boxes. I have no idea where that came from. A small Greek Chorus to my image.

As today is one of 4 days away from work of course I am now being chivied to do some housework. Some people don't seem to understand the concept of time off being for doing nothing. Alas I live with one of those people. I struggle with sleep issues so sleeping in has become a real treat for me and one that has become a rarity. And for me time off means lounging around half dressed and just hanging out. That is not to be today, there is a bathroom to be cleaned and vacuuming and dusting, prior to company coming over. A friend came by last night and was gratified to find that our apartment was in fact not always in immaculate condition. Something I have been trying my best to change to a more relaxed state. It has been a slow battle and for the most part I lose, which isn't too bad but it annoys me to wake up on a day off to a string of tasks for the day. I am never in my best of moods upon waking and getting my carcass ready for the day. I just want to be left to my own devices to clear my head and tick off my own internal task list.

OK, this is about the new year so I will put in one new yeary kind of thing. I look forward to seeing where this project takes me and if I can indeed keep this up or will I run out of steam or become some second rate parody of those comic column writers in the daily newspaper. God help me if I do, as I don't like them and would rather end up a second rate artsy fartsy hack than a second rate writer hack.

ta ta for now