First a quick thanks for those of you reading my stuff and to my friends who have left comments. So I don't feel quite so alone in this venture.

Continuing my quest to branch out on subjects that don't involve self centered angst I will move over to other self centered topics.

As I look towards ending this year and beginning the new one I realize that I have increased the number of pills I am taking. Lest you think that I am some kind of drug addict boasting of my prowess, I am not taking psychotropic concoctions but health supplements. I have two of those weekly pill containers marked out by day so I can keep track of my daily consumption. Before you laugh, yeah I need them as I was already losing track of my daily real meds. Like many people I suffer from the two middle aged syndromes, high blood pressure and the dreaded cholesterol. So it is a blood pressure and cholesterol pill for me. Started off innocently enough but then being forced to be somewhat health conscious and having my own mortality subtly pushed into my awareness I started looking for other health promoting pills to add to my arsenal against death. First came the vitamins, so I can have expensive pee, then don't forget vitamin b12 an old favorite. I have been gaining weight so let's try out that chromium stuff. So far no effect. But remember I have cholesterol so add a couple of fish oil or flax seed and better yet some niacin but not any niacin I must have the no flush stuff. No hot flashes for me, don't want to feel like a menopausal women. And when you add all these up it is a big handful every morning. Do I feel any different or do I see any change, not at all. I figure it is like buying a lottery ticket, for a couple of dollars I get the fantasy of improving my health. And to tell the truth I am hoping the niacin will actually do something as I need to lower my cholesterol or up my real meds which I don't really want to do. Oh and I have just added CQ10 or something like that. Not sure what it does but the adds say it will improve my energy production in my mitochondria and who can say no to that.

The one thing that I do now which has very visible results is increasing my fiber content in my diet. I eat a really good salad with almost all my meals and I eat lots of good cereal. Fiber lets you know that you are increasing the quantity. For my more delicate readers I will forgo describing the effects, as most of you in my age range already know. And if you increase your fiber content you will know. By the way this is the one thing I can recommend with some confidence of being good for you.

I am not a hypochondriac, I am health conscious and I am determined not to be a stupid "guy" when it comes to going to the doctor. But even when I am being rational those health sites do work their hoodoo on me.

ta ta for now