For those of you who have commented, although it seems that I am not in a dialog with you in fact I read everything and I am going to incorporate your words into my words as I spin out this blog. Surprise that I hate writing this blog, my writing art, shared experiences, obscure references, all these are haunting me as I write this. What can I say, I feel pressured, as always I am unsure of the value of what I do in the external world, nevertheless as many I need to put my thoughts and feelings out into the atmosphere. And as always I question the value of doing this at all. For those who know this aspect of me, you have heard this all before. I am doing this particular project to see how deep I can mine my thoughts to dig below the dross. Is there anything under my usual or am I compelled to repeat all my old stuff over and over again. As they said about Kerouac, though I am no Jack, he was no writer just a typist. A paraphrase of Capote. But lead on McDuff I need to keep doing this and perhaps I will find something new, a nugget, a morsel, a tidbit, a bit of bad beef creating these illusions. Did I tell you that I played Scrooge on stage. Yes, the nadir, is that right the pinnacle of my career on stage. I was a star, a small one but still a star. I played the Big Apple, yes New York City, off Broadway, or off off off Broadway but physically not too far from the great white way. I could smell the greasepaint and hear the beat from where I stood.

So I finished all my major projects at work and look forward to a new year where I am hoping to do more video projects. I get to do some very small time directing. My partner and I do a short video introduction and outro for a training program. We video a senior vice president and I get to do the directing of his lines. Lots of fun, I also got to direct one play when I was doing all that. I really want to direct another play someday. It was lots of fun, I had an idea for a play once, based on the typical mis-communication between men and women, set at a table in a generic restaurant with my buddy a flautist playing music throughout the piece. It was going to be all very avant garde. Someday I may set the theater world afire, but not at this time. Right now I do small video pieces, not even full videos for work. I also got to stage direct a couple of major conferences at work. That too was lots of fun, I have a rather odd and diverse sets of talents and experience. From fry cook to computer technician to actor and director.

Enough revelation for now.

ta ta for now