Yeah I am hooked on reality shows. Forget Big Brother or any of the MTV shows, forget stuff with stupid people trying to be stars by being on TV. What I like are reality shows that pit talented people against each other. Project Runway, Top Chef, Biker Build Off, Orange County Choppers, but not top Designer. I love Iron Chef America and Food Channel Challenge. There is something about the act of creation that just grabs me by my booties. Especially Project Runway and Top Chef, the bitchiness, the mean streaks but all set in the context of people doing their best to put together that meets all these goofy challenges. The whole thing is funny as I never had any interest in anything fashion or cuisine. But these shows have opened up a whole world and the best part of is the judging. Here is where I start to learn something that has been totally foreign to me. I wouldn't know what a good drape or a flavor profile was. Beats the heck out of me, but to me here are the good parts of reality TV. Here are competitions based on someone knowing how to do something better or more creatively than someone else and then you have judges schooling you in the art of the critique of these skills.

I think that the basis for all this is my going back into photography after many years and cultivating my interest in creativity.

ta ta for now