So it is Xmas day and I am sick in bed, but I have enough energy to write this. I am not going to say that being sick has me morose or sad. Actually I have had a very nice Xmas with an Xmas eve dinner of turkey and stuffing and mashed sweet potatoes. Yummy, and I got some nice presents and went to church, which by the way I don't belong but someone in my life does and does all sorts of things like collect money and give out the communion wafers. But I do know the hymns so I get to sing along and that is my once a year pilgrimage to the religious environs. And no, I am not a religious person myself so it is always odd to me not only to be in church but I am not Catholic or Christian. But sometimes you got to roll with the punches.

So, have a happy holiday season, do all those things and say all those things etc etc etc. Yikes I said I wouldn't go there in a previous blog but forgive me my little sins.

Yo Yo Yo, Happy Holidaze

Peace out

ta ta for now