Wow this blog writing is harder than I thought. And there is a real sense of ego entitlement that you the reader have some interest in my views of my life or the world around me. What is surprising to me is that there is a small group, and I mean small group of you choose to read my words. And I have even gotten some comments. I am not an expert on art, nor some kind of fascinating intellectual who winds interesting stories to illustrate the ways and byways of the world we live in. But I am a big fan of that type of writing, I love stories of neurological disorders, and how technologies come together in a sort of accretion of diverse techniques. Like how the tin can and canned meats were brought into being and how this fueled the Napoleonic military. Cultural evolution is wonderful stuff.

So how does this relate to something like art or the creation of art, well what builds in your mind to create something from you? Timo spoke of breathing in the creative influences to recharge and to build up to another burst of creativity from him. I am paraphrasing but I think we all know. I was talking to a friend tonight about Picasso and how he must have affected visual artists, how hard it would be to incorporate and integrate to then reformulate, towards synthesis of something new. How to escape the terrible canon of Picasso. How to go past someone who took everything so far, and is there something beyond. That is a big part of my frustration with photography, I look at what has come before and it seems so much better than what is coming out today but I see somethings today that are so much better. I go back and forth, what is great, what is merely good and where do I sit in all this body of creation. And who really cares one way or another, not you unless you compulse about your work, and why should we, it is truly a significant goal to be significant or do we simply wish to communicate, to reach out and touch through our medium that other.

Timo at the end of the day sees himself asking the real question, did I live a life well lived? Not whether he made a mark or stands our or whatever, as he said, it won't be me judging. Another way though to look at that is what is a life well lived? Is it one that is remembered, is one that serves as a marker to others, is it a life lived in service to humanity? Could it just be living life with awareness in all things? Jesus, Buddha, Sufi, the Rebbe, any of none of these, is there an answer and can I find it in photography or my images or my actions or my thoughts or my intent. It is not what we want to do, but what we do. And if my imagery is what I do, is that significant and can that comprise a life well lived. Beats the heck out of me, but I enjoy writing about this and I hope that you enjoy reading about it. Heck maybe I should write this up and put in some answers and make some money with yet another self help book.

ta ta for now