So it is nearing the end of the year and I am sure like me you are trying to finish all your yearly projects. Right now in my organization we are in the midst of great upheaval, with new management and various new characters taking charge. Some good, some bad, some hideous. The future is uncertain and tensions have been running high in the face of all this uncertainty, which seems to be the usual reaction.

In the middle of this my group has been suffering the presence of one disgruntled member who had been acting manager and was demoted from this not very real position. Instead of rolling with the punches and working towards a positive goal, he has been simmering in his own resentments and paranoia. Him and I used to be friends and now we are actively despising each other. Not that I try to spend too much energy on it, but I have to work with him and it is always an unpleasant experience, even when I try to not have that. He is arrogant, rude and walks around like a sourpuss biting into a lemon. Totally disagreeable, well it finally blew up with him causing me grief and our manager being brought in, which is not something I like to see but it was that or giving him a good swift kick to the posterior. Which by the way is totally out of line and something for the record I would never do. Well, he continued ranting and ended up using foul language in front of our manager and everyone else in the area. Today we finally had a meeting about the whole thing. This putz is getting another chance, which I told my boss was being very nice. I am so over this guy, friends who fall out never end up well. But in the end I am committed to not escalating this, I know this guy and he will blow it again no matter what, his arrogance, and self righteous victim hood will leave him no choice.

Well enough of my unpleasant day, the petty vagaries of life cannot hold a wonderful spirit down. Or in my case, another day another set of problems.


ta ta for now