I came over to Ipernity for one particular reason. Before I found out that I knew lots of people or found out where Haint has been hiding I followed the clue from Timo( http://www.ipernity.com/home/18206 ) it was for human reasons that I made a technological decision. If you know Timo then you understand, if you don't then you must make his acquittance. I am happy to have people look at my work, I totally enjoy getting comments, but I also really have fun leaving comments and engaging in these asynchronous disjointed over time and space conversations. In fact many of the spread out communications I engage in here and in flickr surpass in quality and fun many of the meat-space face time conversations I have had at work. I am an odd kind of social antisocial person, I like people but they can make me very uncomfortable, well they don't do it, my own inner workings does that, so this techno space appeals to me.

Timo is a very interesting person to me, And so are most of my contacts, they as supply me with inspiration, feedback, thoughtful provocation and insight. As Timo put it, these are the things I breathe in to charge my creativity. So thank you all.

But just for clarity sake, if I met you all in person at the same time I would probably still feel uncomfortable, at least until I relaxed a bit.

ta ta for now