It used to be church, supper, prayer and family time. What are our rituals for a modern Sunday morn? Are you like me with sleep being a Sunday ritual. I do not jest, sleeping in on Sunday is part of my life. As going to church is for others. This is my day to sleep and especially in those cold winter months to lay beneath the comforter with a cat on either side of me, little heaters and luxuriate in the soft warmth of the moment. Or to have the cats, a loved one and a snuggle beginning of the day. This is a ritual worth keeping.

Is being on the computer, indulging in flickr or ipernity your Sunday ritual, loading pictures, working with photoshop to create something new, the rituals of uploading, picking tags and wondering what impact your work will have on others. Well for me, the wondering is part of my artistic life and I guess in a way a ritual that drives my work. How much of your life has been shaped by this computer/Internet/social web combination? I used to surf the web looking for stuff or reading this and that mostly geek type stuff on slash dot or reading reviews of various types of things I wish to buy. But ah the social web, this has truly changed the Internet experience, now surfing and going on line means some form of interaction with other real people who we seem to join in intense but shallow but feeling deep relationships. We can see the fall out in such odd and sundry ways as relationships that go awry or the bullying of kids via Internet or text messaging, or the manipulation of some poor child all the way to suicide. The world in at least this small way has truly changed, in a significant manner. The next generation will have connections we can only speculate about now. Yet has it really changed the world, our leaders still lead us in the same old way, the national economic engine is still there no matter that the industrial engine is international in scope and dependencies. The economy is still national even if it makes money from all around the world. And am I any more international now that I correspond and interact with all of you Europeans or my friends on flickr from UAE. My mental map has changed but my physical map is still the same.

Do you think the world gestalt will shape your work, will it inform you differently on how you approach your act of creation?

ta ta for now