I hope I didn't disappoint too many of you with my last posting. Even to discuss what I posted would take me back to well tread ground.

I have gone back to school, attending a small local college taking a couple of classes at a time. I made the conscious decision to pace my load so that school would stay fun for me. While I am looking to accomplish my goal of getting some type of degree, I want the experience to very positive. I don't want to burden more of my life. I have my job to do that. And I enjoy spending time with my fellow collegians. Even if they show up late, nod off in class or barely do the work. I am not working and trying to carry a full load, nor do I go out and party the night before. Now this is not something I am boasting about, it is simply where my life is now. But I enjoy being around kids, it is a nice break from hanging out with all these hardworking adults all week. Two different and interesting worlds. And why shouldn't I want to broaden my life.

I haven't quite gotten past the level one classes yet so the material isn't all that interesting yet, but it does make for a great grade point average. So I am not complaining. And here and there I am learning a little here and there. I have in particular enjoyed my speech class. I have been working to outline my speeches which doesn't come natural for me. So it was a stretch.

Are you interested in my life as I prattle on here. Not sure, and why should my life be anymore interesting than anyone else. But for better or worse it is my life. Just as my point of view as expressed in my images is mine. Are my images interesting because I find interesting things to take pictures of, or are they interesting due to my perspective, Or is it a combination, can one exist without the other. I suspect this is the case otherwise we would be totally inundated with insipid images of kittens, sunsets and flowers. None of these things are uninteresting in of themselves but there are plenty of pictures of these objects or scenes that leave us feeling less than before viewing them. On the other hand there are people who find these things quite fulfilling and on some level perhaps even spiritual. Could that be the paucity of culture that is shared or they just insipid people?


ta ta for now