To my shame I am unlingual. I have tried over the years to learn another language and in some small ways I know a word or two here and there. But I am for all intents and purposes an english speaker, pure and simple. As I said this is not something I am proud of, though in the US it is easy to share my condition. As victors of WWII and encompassing such a large land mass with a single language this is understandable. But do you remember the days of the ugly American. Though now I hear about the ugly Japanese, depening on where you are hearing this. Arrogance seems to be a universal trait across my countries and cultures. I am sure if you travel to the right local you would find a variety of ugly "whatever". This has been a theme of mine for awhile, the diversity and similarity of people. It is the diversity of the way people solve the everyday problems of life, love, getting along and organizing ourselves that is so fascinating. International culture can be extremely interesting, it is when such crap as fast food and bad Hollywood garbage is the cultural exchange medium that things go to hell in a handbasket. This is not cultural exchange it is simply export in the same vein as washing machines or car batteries.

So again, I wish I could write in a number of languages, perhaps then there might be the beginning of a dialogue here.


ta ta for now