I have a contact on flickr who has been through quite a bit. He is called SterlingArtz and I have purchased some of his art on eBay in the past. But in one of his pictures he discussed his exploration for his "me" on the particular journey he has been traveling. Illness and other factors has caused dislocation.

So I am wondering what drives the two types of artists. Those who explore the exterior world and like me those who are more internally oriented. Most of my work is self portraits and even my pictures of other objects are about me finding out something intrinsic about my world view and values and other inherent ingredients to the Weltanschung  of my existence. And I believe if you look deep enough into anyone's work you have to be able to see something about them, if only in what they consider important or not. I started my photographic journey shoot self portraits of me with my face painted, trying to eliminate the familiar parts of my features to go deeper into looking at "me". The contours of my head, the emotional impact of my expression or trying to find me by hiding me in a mask, another aspect of the masks which we all wear. We call them our personas, oh my work persona, my home persona, social persona, all held together by a common thread of our core identity but like the multiple masks of the Northwest Indians the eagle inside the whale hiding yet another spirit to be revealed at the proper time. We roll out various masks and we roll out bits and pieces of ourselves in each piece we choose to upload to this site or any other site. Hence even here we choose how we want you to percieve us. Another mask.

ta ta for now