Isn't this pathetic, here I make the commitment to write this blog everyday on a social site that seems to be known as a slow kinda place. You didn't make any commitment, so this is on me. What is on my mind today, well I am reading more about the evolution versus intelligent design war going on in Texas. No big surprise, but it is very disturbing as this state due to the size of their school book order set big trends in the school book market. If these religious anti science people win some small victory it has much larger ramifications on our system. But here is what I wonder, since many of you on this site are not Americans, what do you think of all this. And those of you in non Christian majority countries, are there debates between evolution and your creation theory. And does anyone in the rest of the world even care about this stuff. Makes you wonder if you ask me.

There is something truly liberating about trying to break out of ones own peculiarities of thought and viewpoint. Interesting case and point, here in NYC we had an art exhibit that featured and African artist who used elephant dung on a painting of the Madonna. Now here in New York, big old cosmopolitan city there was a huge outcry, led by Rudy the pint sized moral dictator how utterly insulting this was. What they all did not take into account was the different interpretation of what this artist might have meant by his use of materials. To the people here, dung was simply shit and nothing more. Not a source of nourishment for plants nor to be used as burning material for heat nor implying life awakening or the bounty of nature. So in this narrow view there can be no other way to for the artist to make a statement that is something really positive. And from what I read at the time this was exactly what the artist meant to do, the Madonna as the fount of life a link to the creator and elephant dung as nourishment for plants. And this is what I mean about being in a parochial place like NYC. Where you can be exposed to everything but then you have to contend with all the nonsense. In fact NYC is not really in America, but is a small island which is over run by reality more times than some of the inhabitants would like to consider.


ta ta for now