So, and yes I seem to start each of these with the word so, as in real life I tend to start with the phrase, "so listen" some things just get ingrained.

I have now been on ipernity for a short bit and am getting used to it. The pace here seems to be glacial slow compared to flickr. There you post and come back really quick to see if you got hits and comments and faves. Part of the addictive quality and the maddening component. And I am still stuck in that mode, so I check often to see if anyone has looked at this blog. I am despairing of anyone actually commenting here but that is another issue. I like to have comments on my pictures, that would be nice but in here my blog is more important to me. I like having to sit down and come up with something to say, odd for someone as verbal as myself. Writing it down is a cat of a different breed. But people don't know me yet and I have to be patient with all this. The world is headed to the apocalypse of instant gratification. Networks have to be faster, fast food, which by the way is never really fast nor good is rather slow but I guess faster than spending the day cooking it yourself. That reminds me, there is a lovely movement called slow food. People gathering at the barricades to demand quality be brought back to food. Taking the time to produce a quality product, not only to feed our bodies but our souls as well. One of the reasons I love watching Anthony Bourdain on the travel channel of television is he gathers people who love to eat in the sensual sense around him on these trips. I watched him have a wonderful lunch with a bunch of guys who were picking spices in Sicily and they put together their usual lunchtime and it was amazing. And they enjoyed their meal both in the eating and in the social function mealtimes were meant to be. Funny at work, lunchtime for me is a chance to get away from my colleagues and enjoy the solitude of the moment and I can't remember anytime I have had a meal near my job that I would say that I actually "savored". Oh well.

Food and art, such wonderful human endeavors and sorely passed over in the grind of everyday "making a living".

ta ta for now