So I read two things in the papers that struck my eye, one was an article that a copy of the magna carta was being auctioned off here in NYC and second was about how France was losing the cultural wars in competition with the US. Although France had invested tons of money in culture it seems that our crass product shipped worldwide and our being the center of buying and selling all the culture the market will bare makes the US the alpha dogs in the world cutlure war.

Do I think the US produces superior culture, I don't really know as it would mean a greater knowledge of the broad spectrum of the arts But if what I see being touted around NY in the theatres is any indication I think we ship out a lot of dreck. Not that I think we produce only crap but it seems that the monetary and free market are not necessarily the best indicators of what is really good going on out there in the world, US included. And it is funny to me having lived through the art funding wars where the worst art being produced is being touted in favor of that so disturbing stuff that the NEA was funding. The whole wholesome values charge of the cultural right wing here has been waging for decades.

So I wonder what is up, has France lost its edge, where are the new cinema explorers, are American trash novels really the best thing in writing around. The big blockbuster movies off the top of my head, The Harry Potter Books, and the Lord of the Rings are British inventions. I can barely stand most of the movies out today so I am not even sure what good stuff is really out there now, partly due to the financial burden of movie going. And the homefront movie watching is limited to HBO and some paltry forays into the local video store.

Has the great leveler of culture, the morass builder of capitalism finally put its coffin nail into the best of mankind or bought the products to be put away in private collections?

What do you think.


ta ta for now.