So today I will try to go on a somewhat familiar tack with a slightly different twist. Rumple started his own thread on using the word nice in comments. As that discussion is already underway and interesting in its own right I want to go a bit askew.

What do we want from comments and what do we want to accomplish with comments. I think in the realm of what we want can run the gamut from praise to boost our ego to getting that feedback that inspires us to greater heights. What am I doing right and can I make that even better. Some of us even want the negative, in that what is it that sucks and why and how can I avoid it, though it may be that what we do is purposely designed to incite reaction. There is a long and honorable tradition in making things that suck so bad they are interesting. Take the genre of the bad movie. Some of the worst stuff out there, I am thinking of the Troma Studio work is so godawful that it stands out. Or Ed Woods who lives in infamy for his work in a positive way considering his body of work. What I don't think anyone really wants though is a pure reaction telling us that our work is mundane, boring, subpar, or just plain sucks. Feelings get hurt, people lash out and flame wars begin. So, each of us have to determine our boundaries on our work and what it is what we really want from our work.

Then there is the flip side, what do we want to accomplish with our comments that we leave. I admit that I get lazy and fave pics because I have run out of brain power to write a comment I feel is adequate to the image at hand. Sometimes my comments are in the artistic vein, in the sense I leave comments about the composition, the lighting or my take on the content. I try to leave intelligent evaluations of the work, but sometime I just leave comments that are really just emotional reactions to the work. So they aren't really good "feedback" in the sense of helping you get better, but they do reflect the gut reaction to your work. And I think there is value to that as well. Once I saw a pic of two people riding one bicycle rushing down the road. I left the comment "weeeeeeeeeeee" that was it. The picture inspiried me to say that. I think there is a two way conversation that occured, we were in a dialogue, the picture spoke to me and I spoke back. In a way that was the purest interaction of all. But it may not work for the artist.

So here we are on a website devoted to various types of works, visual, video, written, audio yet the real basis for being here is the social aspect. Oh boy, what are you going to say about what I have done, or are you going to visit me and how many times, and can I say you are a friend, a contact or someone special. I have developed a number of very interesting relationships on these sites, deep on one hand in that we share some real connections through our work and our comments and the dialogue we establish here, but in some human way so so shallow. But it feels deep. All very confusing.


ta ta for now.