So here I am again wondering what to write for you. The big question for me is there a you? So Rome wasn't built in a day, meaning that I have to continue to write and hope that something catches in your imagination in regards to my words. Otherwise here I am exercising the intellectual sin of onan speaking to myself. Now I have to be patient as I don't really know if that is what I am doing or are you all waiting to see if I in fact can come up with something that sparks something in you, enough to prompt you to write back.

Yes the pace here is a bit slower but I kinda like that, with less contacts here I am able to browse around more and look more at other peoples works. I have met more interesting people and by looking who drops into my space I check back into theirs. Lots of interesting pictures and videos. As I go along I will remember your names better so I can refer to your work more in my writings. I have to point my vision outward for this project to have any chance of succeeding. Your work is what interests me. I am mostly attracted to the storytellers here. The little snippets of life captured in the moment. Leaving me wondering what happened prior and post image capture. The back stories are sometimes more interesting than the image itself. So the photographer needs to go out and try again.

On cable tv here in NYC there is a channel the Ovation channel that has been running a series on photography and the different periods of discovery that this medium went through. It touched on the whole "photography is not art" issue and in fact posited that when photographers tried to be artists they caused themselves real problems. It was the amateurs that happily snapped away not caring that led the way out of the morass. With the expolosion of digital photography and the growth of these web 2.0 sites what does that mean for photography today. I have seen tons of great, interesting, wild pictures, images on these sites but I have to wonder, what will be the end result. For with the explosion of this medium, you get an increase of bad, mediocre, good, very good stuff. But will we start to see something emerge from the edge of great to brilliant. Will the medium drown not under the mediocre which everyone decries but under the very very good. Will that bury the brilliant is a mound of very very good stuff piled in our way to find the exceptional and even when we find it, will we recognize the difference. Will out taste buds drown under the sea of even the better chain restaurants so we don't know when we have stumbled upon the unlisted 4 star chef and his little bistro?

I love lots of what I find, but are you in the category of exceptional, heck do you even have to be. Part of what we do here is for others, but part is for our own satisfaction. When does that satisfaction begin and when does it end?

ta ta for now