What to talk to you about today, haven't a clue, but did the soldiers emerging from the trenches on the western front know what awaited them either. Maybe so, but I don't even know how I came up with this allusion to WWI. Sounded good though and liking looking good, which I do often I always want to sound good. One of my conceits, which we should all have. I have decided that I actually look better now as an older man than I ever did as a kid or in my 20's. Then I was still skinny and gawky with godawful hair. At times resembled a hirsute helmet. When it got too long I looked like Marlo Thomas as "That Girl". A little flip on the sides.

So here we are on an art, creative oriented website and I am telling you about my hair and how I like how I look now. But there is some point here or perhaps nots, who knows or really cares. Kind of like how we approach our respective art. We all should carry some form of conceit with our productions. Otherwise why should we bother to show them to anyone beside ourselves, spouses or parents. Oh and don't forget our pets who generally are dragged into being our audience, especially with our less than professional singing or dancing performances. So anway, back to our work. At root there has to be the impulse to have "hey world look at this, isn't this cool, clever, beautiful, wonderful, better than what is out there, a real addition to the world" behind our posting this stuff. Even in our modesty, "oh this little piece, I just knocked this out in a minute" we still believe you the audience need or want or should see it, or read it or hear it. Otherwise what's the point of doing any of this.

So again, as I spoke to you yesterday, does the work you post here and share with friends family strangers truly represent your aspirations in making that mark on the world. For me I have to answer yes, my work is that of a true artistic genius of the first rank. The world would be a poorer place without the musings, pictures, videos, etc of larryosan. The world is a richer place for having larryosan in it. If I didn't believe that on some level then I have no reason to be here. I could very well be wrong but if I believe that then I should just pack up my kit and move onto being a simple consuming drugde. I think everyone in the world has some little spark somewhere that does something for someone even if it has nothing for me. That means everyone has the potential for some worth. Though many may throw that away through their deeds, I cannot simply doom others to worthlessness from the get go.

So once more into the breach dear fellows, snap your pics, photoshop your images, video those moments and type out those words. Maybe some of it all is going to make the world a slightly more interesting place. I know my stuff will.


ta ta for now.