So here I face another day, trying to figure out what interesting things to say to you. As I do I sit near a collegue that just lost a sibling. Death is on my mind lately and for good reason. I have suffered personal loss, awaiting possible loss and at work the bereavement notices have been coming in with undue regularity. And this is the joyous holiday season, go figure. I read a fascinating book on death and facing death by a psychiatrist from France who posited that those of us who feel fullfilled in our lives, no matter if it is complex or simple fear our ending the least. In other words a life well lived is the best life of all. We follow the natural cycle without great fear as our thoughts are concerned with the now not the next. We are living mindfully, paying attention to who and what we are. I think this is a good thing. And how does this relate to anything of matter on ipernity you ask. Well, the works we post are they really reflective of who and what we are, do they share our feelings, thoughts, strivings? Is shallow recoginition what we seek or is it the etching of our soul on the river of time that we aspire to. I post lots of pictures of myself, as to capture the me in some digital amber. I mark my passage with the changes to my face, and to be honest I am captured by my own visage.

So those of you who read this, are your pieces, sounds, videos, do they stand in your stead, if I view or listen or read your pieces will I capture a little bit of you, and hold that to me in the stange struggle we all seem to be engaged in for immortality of memory. When you see my pictures or read my words do they say, Larryosn to you. And can you honestly say that the flotsom and jetsom of work we strew about us, will that reflect well on you? Or are those little numbers and pixelated words as comments, is this the legacy you want. What truly reflects you, the work or the reaction?


On a lighter note, I am hoping for some more nice clean snow. Perhaps I will make some snow angels or do some funny pictures of people in the snow.


ta ta for now.