So it is Dec. 2, 2007 and I look outside after getting a nice snooze. I sleep in on Sundays until 10 if I am lucky. I have sleep apnea so sleep is an ever pressing issue for me. I use one of those pumps at night that keeps me slightly inflated. And it has a nice humidifier to keep my air passages from drying out. Except I sleep near the window so the humid air in the tube up to my face condenses into cold water which bubbles and drips on my nose. Ah the continual battle to sleep. But I digress, this is about the first snow of winter. Of course I grab my little nikon coolpix run to the window and snap a couple of pictures of the little residential park below. Ah I have captured the first snow. I am not sure where to post this, it would be redundant on flickr so perhaps this will be my unique ipernity pic.

I find myself building a parallel universe over here, with people I know from flickr, worrying about posting the same stuff and just being the same thing, but I am working on making this a n-dimensional extension of my conciousness instead of flickr part duex. That is why I am going to try to be diligent and write this everyday.

I think over here I will do more writing about other peoples work than I was doing on flickr. There I had to create a picture and tie the writing to that. I really like the ability to blog here. And I have lots of potential material over here. I find that I really enjoy trying to understand or even go beyond and add insight to the works of others. This helps me add insight to my work and perhaps go a little further in the act of creation. At the same time I realize that I envy the mad skillz of my contacts. So too goes my neuroses from one service to another.

So we have fresh snow, laying down a new layer to the city, transforming it from pretty wonderland to bleak soot covered trash heaps in a matter of time. I just hope that is not the metaphor for my experience here.


ta ta for now!