I am not a huge fan of winter, though it has its moments. The first snow fall when NYC is covered with clean white snow until the dust and soot covers everything and mounds of snow covered trash build up. But for now it can be pretty and the little park below me is strewn with sparkly colored lights which make up a sweet tempered tableau.

So today I visited deadmanguru. Wow he is 96 years old and lives in asshatola which may be near anus NM if I am not mistaken. Right near buttcheek mountain. Ok enough of the adolescent humor. But I like his work, I peg him as a image philosopher, which I guess is what draws me to his work. As this is one aspect of my work I am trying to culitvate. Tying the visual with something a bit more cerbral, yet at the same time still maintaining my connection to the gut instinct of humanity. Some of his images remind me of bringing up the child like drawings that moved us for so many years but done with a sophisticated eye that transforms them from the primitive to something more. And even the name deadmanguru, says so much. Are there any real gurus out there now living that are even worth listening to, I suspect not. We have to turn to this deadman who lives in some assholio portion of the US and takes on the personna of an aging crock. Kuddos to him.

Does that have any connection to me, I think so as I continue to gain perspective and creative inspiration from the people I follow as contacts. They all challenge me in some way or another. Oh and by the way, yes I know much of what I say is obvious and in many ways trite and been there and done that. I have to slog through the obvious in my thinking to someday maybe get to something original and perhaps unique and interesting. So yes I know I know.

Enough for today, I want to take this nice and easy.

Insert a catch phrase here until I find one that works.