So here I am contemplating writing a post everyday. Now I have at least one person Amiko who is doing a picture a day, which is an admirable effort and he is doing an amazing job with it. But can I continue this effort on such a strenous schedule. Not sure. But for now let me ponder the questions I like to ponder. I have stated that I am an imagist, not a photographer. I say this partly due to my modesty about my photographic skills but also my use of Photoshop. I know for a fact that I am not concerned about lighting or shading or tones, but I am always on the look out for content. Now that is a valid expression of photography but I go beyond by creating new images disconnected from the concerns of building a "picture". But not disconnected from building an "image". My goal has always been to convey some message, some form of communication whether it be emotional, intellectual or best of all humorous. I want to move my viewer. I guess that is why so many "beautiful" images leave me flat. Like those hyper real images of fog or coastlines or tigers one sees at every street fair, printed in exquisite details. They repel me from photography. On the other hand, take for example a picture by Sol Lang. His technical work is flawless, but they serve his imagery. I just saw his latest black and white image of a young women and I was deeply moved. Beyond the simple eroticism implied by her nudity and youth, with the delicacy of the picture he in fact captures her young vulnerability and sensous quality of her body. The technical, the content and the emotional moment combine to deliver a wonderful human moment in the best sense of what it means to be a fleshy, hormonally driven visually stimulated human being. I am not talking about the simple fact of sex or sexuality but of the far more intersting issues of what it means to be a human, that we are in deed fleshy animals with flesh driven desires and how this drives part of our intellectual outlook.


Anyway that is enough blathering for now, if I try to explain my thoughts all in one post I will run out of material all too soon.


ps. If you don't know Sol Lang, you should and you should take the time to see all his work and see why he is such a wonderful photographer. His nudes wouldn't be what they are if he wasn't who he is. And if you look at his non nudes pictures you will understand what that means.