Day Twelve

Today we visited the Cold Spring Elementary School.

Pine Plains Central School District encompasses four schools: Stissing Mountain High School, Stissing Mountain Middle School, Seymour Smith Elementary School (SSES) and Cold Spring Elementary School (CSES), among which CSES is the smallest. There are five grades in CSES ranging from the Kindergarten to Grade Five, with a student enrollment of more than 300 pupils. As CSES and SSES belong to the same school district, some teachers who teach in SSES also teach here.

At about 9:30 am, we came to CSES in a school bus. We were led directly to the school library where we waited. No welcoming ceremony was held except some welcoming greetings from Mr Jay Glynn, the principal. We presented an Ox-shaped Wine Vessel as a gift for CSES.

While joining the children in their activities, we took a quick visit along the corridor outside the classrooms. The outer walls of the classrooms were lavishly decorated mostly with the writings and pictures concerning China; it had really created a cultural atmosphere. The length of time we were supposed to sit in on the classes was comparatively reasonable, as basically a class was limited in half an hour.

At noon, the school prepared a big lunch for us.