Day Three

We spent the whole day in Stissing Mt High School (SMHS), mainly to visit classes. Some teachers whose classes we visited were those who I was acquainted with, others were new to me.

Mr George Baker, the president of the Teacher's Union, is an art teacher. He, while teaching painting and ceramics to his students, is a wonderful painter and expert in oil painting. He visited China with an SMHS delegation in 2006, and is very friendly to the Chinese people. Today, he showed us how to use Animation, an entirely new computer technique for animation making.

Mr Steven DeLuca is a biology teacher. What he taught today was health. His class was one of the best classes that I had ever visited in this school. We could see that his class, full of wit and humor and with the characteristics of the interaction with the students, was one of his students' favorites. Mr DeLuca is also an acting talent. When I was here the year before last, I watched his humorous performance which was unforgettable.

We also sat in on two more math lessons. Unlike what we had expected, their high-school math lessons were given in a "game-like" way. The teacher hardly gave any explanation for the problems that had appeared, instead, she merely let her students press the buttons on the remote controls to select an objective answer. I wonder whether their math lessons are all given in this way.

This morning a disabled man who had been successful in his life was invited by SMHS to give a talk to the students. According to the principal, the aim of such activity was to educate the students to build up their confidence of life.