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Profile for my friends of the Scottish Socialists - October 26, 2010

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Profile for my friends of the Scottish Socialists

Jen alia letero kiun mi sendis al la socialistoj en Skotlando. Ili ne parolis angle. Mi scias ke multaj ĉi tie konas la anglan lingvon kaj pro tio mi publikigas la leteron je Ipernity.........

Profile for my friends of the Scottish Socialists.

Profile for my friends of the Scottish Socialists

I was born in 1936, in the city of Berlin, Germany and experienced the second World War, The Holocaust, when only a child. When I was 19 and just married to my wife Carmen, one year younger than I, we emigrated to Canada, where our daughter Marian was born. Although I have no high education from school, I think I learned from life by practice. I was concerned with what I saw going on in the world; wars, hunger, racial discrimination and most of all nationalistic superiority complexes. I wanted to help bring a change for the better. I made it a habit, asking my friends and co-workers if they would let their daughters marry a black man. Everyone of them had some sort of excuse; some told me they had many good friends who were black but they did not want to see them get married to a person of an other race. I never understood why not. ( I was told that the germans were the worst racists).

I noticed only different facial color features. I went to many diverse socialist meetings but was ignorant of the various politics, except what I experienced after the war in West Berlin and East Germany and all the various prejudices inculcated by the press, movies and School. Mostly I felt sorry for the jewish people who had suffered so much under the Hitler Regime. When I visited one of the meetings of the Young Socialists,Trotskyists, here in Vancouver, I was astonished when they told me that the jews of the Zionist Movement were to blame for all the ills in the world and were more criminal than even the Nazis, by invading Palestine and stealing the land from the palestinian population. Anyway, I could not feel comfortable with any of these left wing groups. I took a twelve week course learning the basics of Esperanto but two years later I was ready to throw out all my Esperanto books and leave the Esperanto Movement, coming to the conclusion that language alone is not curbing nationalism; in our small esperanto group were ardent nationalists who probably also supported racism. An esperanto correspondent of mine in Hungary asked me not to give up and asked me to read the Manifesto of Non Nationalism. Having read the literature, I became an ardent follower of the ideals of non nationalism and believer in Esperanto. Some of my elderly collaborators at work talked about the Wobblies whose activities as a One Big Union were nearly identical to the methods and aims of the non nationalists, they were only interested in the english speaking countries and had no other choice because they did not speak and promoted Esperanto. Years later I found a newly formed group of Wobblies, IWW, so I joined them but soon after became disillusioned and left them.

Whenever in my younger years I spoke out on issues of what I thought rational ideas, I was mainly laughed at and belittled by some know it all people on the job, in union meetings or rate payers associations, who said i was wrong or naive. But there were one or two people who agreed with me. One of them was a well known and liked person in Vancouver, a lawyer for the Unions and member of the counsel in Vancouver City Hall, Harry Rankin. He was a Socialist and me an immigrant from that hateful Germany and he, whom I met in the sixties at a union meeting where he had just held a speech. When he came to meet me, ( imagine, a descendant of jewish ancestry and me a german immigrant). I told him in our conversation that labor unions should organize not nationally but globally into One Big Union. He totally agreed with me. He drove me home that evening, which was actually far out of his way. He lived near Trout lake and I lived on 36th Avenue near Victoria; the meeting hall was in the Union Hall at Main and 11th Avenue. Many years later he came to my aid. One day an erratic young driver willfully drove into my car and jumped out, screaming like a madman, trying to make me be at fault. Harry Rankin was standing on the sidewalk and witnessed the occurrence. As the youngster saw Harry walking over to me, he jumped into his car and drove off. Harry said that he would be a witness for me and even wrote down the drivers auto plates when he sped away. I notified the police after I arrived home and reported the hit and run incident and the damage done to my vehicle. As a witness I mentioned Harry Rankin. A couple of weeks later I was summoned to appear before traffic court where I saw the youngster with his lawyer sitting in the corridor. I never expected Harry Rankin to come. When the other lawyer saw Harry Rankin walk up to me, he got up and walked out . At a Rate Payers Association Meeting when the public was asked what should be done to the remaining space created after the streets were widened; I suggested bicycle lanes, thinking of children who were in danger riding their bikes on the street and endangering pedestrians on sidewalks but they all burst out laughing and told me that in this country no one rode bikes. At the hospital where I worked, I mentioned that people were eating too many meat products but I was told that according to dietitians, we needed all the meat we could get to satisfy our need for proteins. I suggested that the hospital should make monthly unemployment insurance premium deductions from our pay but I was told that related jobs were jobs for life with no fear of ever becoming unemployed. My best friend is a veteran of the RAF, Royal Air Force, a math teacher and anarchist, Bill Peers.

Bill contacted me, after he read a small announcement about Esperanto from me, in a periodic Anarchist Publication, The Match. I had no car, so Bill visited me once every week from his home in South Surrey, 15 miles distant, in Burnaby North where I lived with my wife and daughter in an apartment suite. We practiced reading and pronouncing the esperanto words and took part in Esperanto Club activities. We drove to Seattle, Washington, to contact the local group there. James Parks, Leland Ross, Raol, an immigrant from Cuba and a couple of others were part of a club there. Soon after, the NOREK, North Occidental Regional Esperanto Congress, an annual get together of Esperantists in U.S.A. and Canada of the North West was founded. Bill and I, as well an other two esperantists in Vancouver later joined the Non Nationalist Association of the World. We marched in every Peace Demonstration. Bill is 100% concerned about the environment and is a man of the deed. He acted alone, protesting various Nuclear Tests by driving to the U.S./Canada border crossing, holding up traffic while handing out leaflets, protesting the Nuclear Bomb Tests. He generated no refuse. All of the combustion products he put to fire, all vegetal matter into compost for his garden and all metals and glass items he took to a Recycling Depot. Only about one thing we disagree on, and that is the human overpopulation on this earth. He always said that there is enough land available to feed twice as many people but he would not take into consideration the water shortages all over, because of industrial developments necessary to satisfy the needs of a growing population and the pollution and habitat destruction of Wild Life. He would have liked to see humanity become farmers and produce their food and only necessities. I often wonder if too much reading and education can be detrimental to clear thinking. (26. October 2010, maybe he was seeing things in the future to happen when the system may collaps and everyone has to grow their own food.)

On tuesday august 6, a Remembrance Day of the 57th Anniversary of the Atomic Bomb drop on Hiroshima, Japan my wife and I took part in a demonstration in commemoration of that day and the opposition to the planned renewed all out war of aggression by the western nations against Iraq. There were nearly a hundred people participating. (A pittance of the people who demonstrated for peace during the cold war.) We started off at a small park area which contained the Peace

Flame Memorial, near the popular Kitsilano Beach and marched along the street, blocking one lane of traffic, carrying signs saying: shoot me I am a civilian too and others carried the popular peace signs and again others, a simple target on their chests. We halted at the Kitsilano beach, where most of the participants lay down on the middle of the street pretending to be killed by enemy aircraft, with people carrying model british and american jet fighter planes, were hovering over the bodies; this went on for fifteen minutes. Then came the speakers:

First a lady from Japan who survived the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima, Japan. She was sixteen years young at the time, studying to become a nurse. She saw the victims and had to treat many of hem. She said that she wishes that there shall not be another Hiroshima or another war on earth. The second speaker was a medical doctor who worked in an Iranian Hospital at the border of Iraq when the first gulf war started. Cities in Iraq were hit by so-called smart bombs, missiles. He said that the fires which were created by the bombs, produced black clouds, that it turned midday as dark as if in the middle of night in the Iranian city where he was busy in a hospital, treating the injured, victims of the Iraq - American and British war. He condemned all wars. Then came the main speaker, a professor of political science at the University of British Columbia, a typical smooth talking yellow bellied, politically correct yes man, who would not dare to bite the hand that feeds him.

He admitted he was ignorant of the politics of the region of Palestine, Iraq, Israel and Kuwait. He talked of the proliferation of nuclear weapons but said nothing about the reasons of the renewed planned attacks on Iraq. He threw some hints but was afraid to go into details. A typical corrupt politician. The jews of Israel even admit to the true reason. If you do not believe me, then you should read the scholarly words of a Jew, a retired professor of organic chemistry at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. The name of the author is Israel Shahak. The title of one of his books worthy of attention: Jewish History, Jewish Religion. He is crying out for help of all western democracies, in particular to the people of the United States of America, to oppose the Zionists and Jewish Fundamentalists with their plans of building for themselves an Empire by expanding the boundaries of Israel from the present location to include Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, parts of Iran, Iraq and Turkey. He believes that to be suicide and dangerous to all jews in the world and all of humanity.


me again. I should like to communicate some of my impressions of Sunday, August 10. Davide had mentioned to me about a year ago that he liked the annual festivities, called : Under The Volcano. This year I also went and I do not regret that I did. The festivities, Under The Volcano were held in a very beautiful park with rocky, semi sandy beach, on the north shore of the Burrard Inlet at the extreme eastern end, an area called Deep Cove, at the mouth of the Indian Arm. The park was called Cates Park.

The festivities commenced at 10.00 AM and culminated at 10.00 PM. I arrived there by car, a thirty minute drive from my home in North Burnaby, straight across, on the other side of the Inlet, at 12.30 PM. All designated parking spaces were filled. The festivity marshals were directing the car parking and made me and other following cars that were also going to the festivities, park all over on lawns between trees. There were three separate festivities each with their own bands in designated areas of the park but all still in very close proximity. The festivities, that I went, to were fenced off and at the entrance there were volunteers asking for admittance on a sliding scale of five to twenty dollars or whatever one was able to contribute. I gave two dollars.

The purpose of these festivities, I understand, are a social get-together of all the many political organizations; left wing, who the rest of the year jealously guard their membership from going astray and joining other groups. There were many tables, each occupied by one or more members of a particular Organization. I was astonished to find so many diverse groups of organizations present, groups that I never knew existed. They all had literature, to let people know about their reasons for existing, to either give away materials free of charge or by donation and also books as well as other articles for sell. All the various fractions of the socialist movement were represented, as well as associations of poor people, such as the Anti Poverty Association, Bus Riders Union, plea for the creation of drug clinics for diverse drug users, The pro Hemp Association, etc. There were political organizations there looking for voters: The New Democratic Party for provincial government and The Committee Of Progressive Electors for the civic government. Plus tents for catering food;organic and a large stage for public speakers and a band. The Industrial Workers of the World, the union I joined recently, also had a table there. It was staffed by a faithful volunteer Stephen, who set up the rented table with three chairs for the price of twenty dollars and he also brought along all the items which the IWW wanted to give away free to make people aware that we exist, newly reestablished two years ago and books, calendars as well as song books and compact disks for sale.

Later on a young anarchist form Duncan, B.C., Paul on Vancouver Island joined Steven, then I and later Davide came along and kept Stephen company. Among all the people interested, we also had members from other provinces and the U.S.A. come to say hello and most interesting of all was an old timer, age 85, in great shape giving us all a lesson in history. He was one of those die hard pro labor activists, riding the box cars during the depression who had many interesting stories to tell. He also said that as long as the various fractions remain divided there is no hope for us, socialists, to make any progress. Those are the kind of people we should encourage to visit our festivities and it would be great if every table had some extra one or two chairs available to seat our noble ancestors while they are visiting.

Many tables were staffed by groups concerned mainly about the hostilities around the world, in particular the middle east. Among others there was the table: Jews for a Just Peace/ and V.A.N.A. (Veterans Against Nuclear Arms). David Morgan, the only V.A.N.A. representative there; he was the youngest member. The others have passed the ages of 80 and one can not expect these noble veterans and citizens to participate in person any longer. David Morgan, who was jewish, held a work shop on his own, trying to explain to the fifty heads of his audience the reasons why Iraq is a target in this probable new war of aggression by the United States of America and its allies. He did not mention Israel. He brought along two charts: one map of Iraq and the surrounding nations and a Pi chart showing the amount of oil found in those countries. Iraq was one of the leading oil producers among them. And that is the reason the U.S.A. was mounting an illegal war of aggression on Iraq to get control of the oil, he said. He had the audacity to compare the United States of America with the government of Adolf Hitler in 1939 Germany without a mention of the genocidal regime in Israel. He mentioned the War Crimes Tribunal of Nuremberg in 1945 where the leading officials of the Hitler Government were convicted by a team of american, british and russian judges for war crimes against Poland. And were hanged for their crimes. He forgot to mention that also the russians should have been convicted for invading Poland at the same time as the germans. The russians made themselves guilty of murdering thousands of the polish elite for which Germany was blamed, although it was well known and documented by the allies and the international Red Cross who the guilty were. About the role Israel played in the war of aggression against Iraq he made no mention but made only vague hints.

Why Israel ? Read the Essay by Mark Twain: Concerning jews and compare that with the present day United States of America. Read the book by professor Israel Shahak: Jewish History, Jewish Religion. Sennaciece Jurgen (peranto-lantiano)

Letter To The Industrial Workers Of The World

This following letter I sent to the Vancouver branch of the I.W.W.: Hi, it is me, Jurgen, perantolantiano.

I am disturbed with our present situation in the middle east. Destruction of infrastructures and annihilation of humans by means of man made war of aggresion. International Peace Contracts are never binding and will be broken when convenient to one nation or another. The diverse religions are only the pawns of power hungry elite, within & without, total insanity.

Leo Tolstoy makes a point in his writing: Christianity versus Patriotism. Dr. L.L. Zamenhof, the creator of the universal language Esperanto, a jewish medical doctor and genius linguist, was, while in the University, in Moscow, an ardent member of the Zionist Movement. When he was approached in 1914 by the zionists to sign a petition in favor of the establishment of a jewish state in Palestine, he refused to sign it.

He wrote that though he feels strongly the desire of his people wanting to have a safe haven, he nevertheless thinks that any national state, large or small, is irrational and therefore he must distance himself from the Zionist Movement. Humanity must be willing to accept one Universal Culture mutually acceptable by all individuals.

I can imagine now that most of you may have a smile on your faces and say to yourself that this way of thinking is naive, absurd or even moronic; maybe I am all of those titles combined in your eyes but I read literature of non nationalism and have thought about it for some time and learned from a few others, that my way of thinking is the beginning of a solution of avoiding an unnecessary war in which young children whom we pretend to love, cannot look to a bright future.

The I.W.W. must get involved, otherwise why should we call ourselves the Industrial Workers of the World, an offspring of the Wobblies. Our News Paper should bring a front page appeal to all the people in the middle east, followers of Islam, Judaism and Christianity as well Humanists to disregard all customs and traditions that are irrational and hurtful to others, and create a new culture freely accepted by all the parties concerned.

For a beginning, Esperanto should be adopted as a means of communication and all literature printed in Esperanto, as well all existing literature should be translated into Esperanto. Again you may think it absurd to adopt esperanto when english is becoming the international language. English is a national language, which suggests that english speakers are superior to other national languages and peoples. Esperanto is a scientifically constructed language, it is non national, neutral.

My wife and I watched a movie a few days ago about a young boy whose father was a nuclear missile carrying jet pilot. The boy and his class in school went on a conducted tour of a bunker, housing a long-range nuclear missile to be shot into Russia in case of a war. It was explained to these children that one of those missiles could destroy the whole state of New York. The boy figured that the russians must have nuclear missiles just as powerful and he understood that something had to be done to get these killing machines dismantled.

He was the prime baseball player on his school team, which without him playing, would lose the game. As the game began, he refused to play; to the chagrin of his coach and teammates to ever play again as long as there were atomic weapons. His refusal hit the front page news of all the News Papers and soon more and more famous athletes and all the children around the whole world joined in and they succeeded in getting all nuclear weapons dismantled. We, the IWW, a revolutionary anarcho syndicalist workers union worldwide should set an example and put our energy into learning esperanto. Books and all kinds of literature is available on the Internet. Go to my page to read the essay on Non Nationalism in english or esperanto and use the Esperanto Lessons there found and let me know if you need any help.

Kamardece Jurgen. perantolantiano.

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