Saluton, mi naskiĝis en la jaro 1936 en Berlin, Germanio kaj travivis la duan mondmiliton pri kiu mi ankoraŭ nun havas inkubsonĝojn, precipe kiam aŭdiĝas piroteknikaĵoj. Mi estas naivulo kiu kredigas al si ke la homaro sukcesas iam unuiĝi. En la sesdekaj jaroj mi interesiĝis pri Esperanto ĉar ĝi pretendis esti la movado kiu povas realigi mian deziron sed baldaŭ mi seniluziiĝis ke interkompreno lingve sufiĉas. Mi jam intencis forgesi pri Esperanto, kiam iu Esperantisto (korespondanto) en Hungario, Julio Fekete, sugestis ke mi tralegu la Manifeston de la Sennaciistoj kaj la artikolojn de la fondinto de la Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda, Eŭgeno Lanti. Post ĝia tralego mi fervore daŭrigas mian aktivecon provante disvastigi Esperanton kaj la pensmanieron de la Sennaciistoj.
I am tired & retired from my struggles of earning a living; I was born in 1936, in Berlin, Germany. I am married to my lovely wife, Carmen, one year younger, and we together have a wonderful daughter, whom we named Marian; an intelligent, mature, animal loving person and very beautiful. I was always a dreamer and a naive idealist who wished there was a way that the people of the world would get along with each other. I was not the only one with such naive ideals; there was such a man, a polish jew, the creator of the World Language Esperanto; an ardent supporter of the Zionist Movement while he was a student of the University in Moscow but later, in 1914, when he was asked to sign a petition in favor of creating an Israeli State in the land of Palestine, he refused, writing that he opposes all Nationalisms and he is exchanging the love for only his people for the love of Humanity. Esperanto claimed to be the answer. So in the early sixties I completed a 12 week Esperanto course in a Vancouver night school class. Our teacher was Mrs. Biely, a retired school teacher, who had just returned from a visit to Poland, her original homeland. She was introduced to Esperanto during her visit there and became convinced that Esperanto would be instrumental in creating Peace on earth and bring love, understanding and unity to all Mankind. Later, when I was about to give up Esperanto, because I thought that a common language for all mankind alone can't solve the problem of disunity and wars among peoples and nations, I was introduced to the works of Eugeno Lanti, the founder of the Non-nationalist Association of the World, a philosophy that aims to attain a class free global society in a system of Direct Democracy. The Non-nationalist Association of the World is made up mainly of Internationalists and it's Organ, The "Sennaciulo" does not reflect the ideals of Eugeno Lanti. Therefore I feel compelled to publicize the true ideals of the founder. People were telling me that the ideals of Non nationalism were outdated, from a different era. But on the contrary, it has merit to examine. The world is at present on a trend leaning toward multicultural societies, hoping to find a way of co-existing peacefully, even though people are aware of the terrorism in Ireland, in the Balkans, in Israel Palestine, India- Punjab and a long list of other places on this earth, in the name of races, religions, cultures and nationalism's. The ideals of E. Lanti were the creation of a new," Class Free, One Culture, Universal Society" freely and voluntarily accepted by all humans. And the first step for anyone interested in peace, justice and "Cosmopolitism" is to learn and use Esperanto and promote it where ever possible. Reject all traditional practices that are irrational and all customs and moral which promotes disunity and hatred.
Do not understand me wrong. I do not think that all borders should be abolished immediately and people should be able to move freely where ever they please, to escape poverty in their own locations. Instead, the living standards of their own localities should be raised by introducing industries and increasing agriculture, universal healthcare, education and awareness of the danger of "Global Population Explosion". It is obvious what a multicultural society in ghettoized large cities, with much unemployment and low incomes present; by means of political agitators it alienates one group of peoples from the other which eventually leads to terrorism, pogroms, as one saw in Poland, immediately after the second world war, and later on in the Balkan states of Yugoslavia, in Ireland, in Israel-Palestine, several states in Africa, India-Punjab-Pakistan and many others. It is never the ordinary peoples to blame but the clergy and upper class string pullers; ( in fact, "All Wars" and agitations are the works of the upper class string pullers and their willing boot lickers, put in authority, who for a promise of security, a higher ranking in society and maybe a little more income payment, cheerfully cut their neighbors throats ), who regard the masses as slaves, nothing more than cattle.
Religions are established by lies, presenting the laws of some imaginary super being and instilling fear and servility into their followers. I can only agree with Peter Kropotkin's Essay on Natural Evolution " Mutual Aid " A Factor of Evolution. Therefore I identify my thoughts with nature which has established laws that are constant and if disobeyed shall have severe consequences. I tend to believe that the laws of nature, if correctly understood and manipulated , that by means of Non nationalism structured along the guidelines of a Non Class, Non Caste system and Direct Democracy, we are capable to create a world society of humans where there is no poverty or wars. If we are incapable of using the laws of nature and making them advantageous for all humanity, then we should re - examine our universities, fire the educators and replace them with intelligent humans.