After several discussion s about mobile phones camera power vs the standard DSLR I've decided to buy a new mobile (my old one was broken indeed) with photo power.

My choose has fall on Nokia N73. No flip, good lens and a Nokia, of course. The first photos leave me a little bit disappointed: on your screen you can see better photo than the shooted one. Don't know why colors becomes alterated after shot take place.


Well, I've decide to create three new groups.


Nokia N73 -

Groups dedicated exlusively to shot from this kind of mobile. Open group.




Nokia -

You can post here, every photo shooted with a Nokia phone. Open Group.




Phonetography -

Here you can post ANY photo shooted with your mobile phones. No matter about resolution, megapixel or else. Only a good photo grabbed with your mobile. Actually this group is pubblic but, to become a member of it you need an invitation from group's administrator.




Hope to have created something useful and, most of all, creative.

Write me your impression, please.