The 5 day sabbatical last week was tops man, it totally got me through these last fragments of what has been a rather brutal winter – brutal to me anyhow.  I'm sure all the skiers and snow people were just loving it.  I have to say, it was impressive, the amounts snow and all that.  Every year, it comes down to this, these last few weeks of the arctic air vs. my perseverance, that is, my ability to put up it any longer.

It's slowly been warming up the couple weeks, and weather today and yesterday was stellar, for mid March anyhow.  Most of the snow in town is melted, with the occasional stubborn snow piles hanging on for all their worth here and there.  I figured it was fine time to get the bike out on some dirt and pedal about a bit.


I was hopeful, that with the rising temps and copious sunshine we've had lately, that at least a fair portion of the Telegraph trails system would be bare.  Of course, I'd expect the trails to be wet, and even muddy in some parts, but figured there would be ridable singletrack, even it was in small amounts.

No such luck...  over about 3.5 miles, I walked nearly 2.75 of them, mostly on frozen snow or sticky mud.  Most of the ride – I mean walk – out, was uphill, so, at least all the snow and crud I walked up, I could ride down on the way back.  In that regard, it wasn't a total bust, and maybe it was little fun after all.



But, it leaves me with little hope of getting on the trail any time soon, grrrr.  There was so much snow still on the trails, its going to be a month before it's even remotely dry.







Maybe I'll have to bust out the fixie and do some road exploring instead....

Thanks for lookin' and have a great week!