Over the last few days my health has deteriorated into nearly full blown flue/bronchitis/something. Have no energy for anything other than riding the bike to and from work in sub-zero temps. So, when I get home, I'm vegging out in front of the TV.



So, this means I've had the “pleasure” to view both the Republican and Democratic debates.


Like the government, our major media networks need to be flushed. Limbaugh (even though I do listen to him), Hannity and Colmbs, Stone Phillips, and all the rest. The media is a case in where the “old guard” was really the real deal. Cronkite, to a lesser degree Rather, Peter Jennings, and those before them.


That said – I found the debates interesting, if not just a little bit informative. I'll start with the Republicans (and also, that I'm about the most politically uniformed individual in the country – so take all this with wheel barrel full of salt). Just my impressions.


I enjoyed the debate put on by the Republicans – though I'm a little miffed at how the network snubbed Huckabee. They seemed to focus very much on McCain and Romney. Which may be a good thing, and I don't think either did the other a favor. Poor Ron Paul, is suffering from Richard Dean Syndorome – just a little too passionate, not that it's a bad thing, but when it gets in the way of your communication and thought process, I think it is. But I do like the little bit he had to say.


Romney – I cannot say I did not like him, but overall, I got the impression of a game show host, and he seemed maybe just a little too proud (Yes, what have I done for the country the last 20 years? irrelevant, I'm not running for president, and have a right to comment on such spectacle.)


McCain – seemed just a little too old school slickster for my taste, but I did like his demeanor – but not enough to make me switch to Republican. Lets see.. I talked about Ron Paul already, bless his heart.


Huckabee – I think he's the man for the Republicans. Even though he got shafted as far as air/talk time, he handled himself very well, was fairly brutally honest, and even though I don't agree with all he said, - hell, who is there that I agree with everything. If it were just Republicans running, he'd get my vote. His demeanor was the most authentic, not too slick, straightforward and confident. Though, I get a feeling that he maybe have been a person who had anger management attention in the past, because there was very fine restraint in his deliveries.


But, I'm not switching parties any time soon. And that's not to say I'm thrilled with the field anyhow.



Tonight, was the much touted Democratic debate. Oh bloody hell. The Republicans had a few heated moments, but they kept it under controls pretty well. Before this debate tonight, there was this feeling in the air that it would like a political Jerry Springer show, and I was actually dreading, and desperately hoping they didn't act like a couple kids.


Holy hell, they did pretty well.


Despite that bastard Wolfe Blitzer trying to lead them to battle several times.


At this point, I sort of favor Obama, however, I need to research more so I know what I'm talking about, just a little bit.


What took the cake though, was the media after party. They were so bummed that it didn't turn in to a cat and dog fight. They even tried to spin a couple answers so that they appeared to be... a spirited attack against the other. I dunno, I didn't see it that way. I think they showed respect for eachother, and really just used the platform to be heard, rather than debate. Good for them. So many times after they (media) remarked on how “cordial” they were. Bah. They want the reality show arguments, so that they have blazing headlines the next morning. They don't care about objectivity, they're trying to shape the election, in way it seems. I'm so naive to think such things do not exist, but it's just nutty when it's so in your face like this.




I know, it's largely a crazy game and all that.. but I couldn't give a rats ass who endorses who – that's just encouraging people to be ignorant. “Vote for me because he will”.... whatever. Just another chance for other politicians to get their fame (yes, that is a graffiti reference).


And I think it would just great if they shared the Presidential ticket together, just to shake shit up. Not that I think any one pres or vice can change the government too much, for that I think it will take some sort of revolution.


Well, that's this person's uneducated take on debates this week so far...


Now I'm going to crawl back in to bed and sweat for a while... and cough.. and have a headache, and just wallow in misery... ;)


Thanks for looking!