Ipernity is a vast and rich source of really stunning art and a place where you can find wonderful and exceptionally gifted people. Personally I feel constantly that I only have enough time to have a glimpse and to only pass over real wonders.

I want to share with you my discoveries hence my series The Pick of the Week. I present here docs that I have come across during my aimless ramblings through Ipernity. These are my personal favourites for the last week and forver.

Massive Attack is one of my favourite trip hop bands and the instrumental piece called Sam is taken from their soundtrack for Danny the Dog film.

Please follow this link: Massive Attack - Sam

I can't get this song played inline. Dunno why it is not possible on Ipernity when a user restricts sharing of a doc.

Melpomene's photostream is fabulous and I highly recommend you visiting it. There you can found real treasures that you can surely appreciate with your senses and your mind.