February 2007 was the month for Chinese New Year, the “Golden Pig” year.
As living in the Chinatown area in Paris, I overcame my firecrackers phobia and went in the streets with my Nikon.

I only brought my 55-200mm to work on portraits (and to be able to stay distant from those amazing firecrackers they seems to love so much…).
I really didn’t regret my choice as the streets were so crowdy, it was sometimes hard to manage any approach.

Here are a few selected shots from this celebration :

This is my favorite. Even if I couldn’t get rid of these 2 head tops in the foreground, I’m still fond of this giant white Lion head appearing in the crowd…

And finally those damned firecrackers…

I’m not sure yet to be there next month for the 2008 Year of the Rat Parade, but if I am, I’ll cover the celebration again.