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  • 2020-06-12 Newsflash

    'What's hot' - 3 columns view, optimized
    [EN] Dear members and friends of ipernity! 1) The summer collection of Frontpage pictures is now online. We thank all members who have enriched it with new contributions. 2) This morning we successfully exchanged one of our main servers. For this technical operation we had the support of an AWS expert from Innovations ON . He is currently checking our entire server architecture for the optimal balance between adequacy and performance to make sure that our website is running on an up…

  • ⚠️ COVID-19 Help Offer / Offre d'aide / Unterstützungsangebot

    [EN] Dear members and friends of ipernity! Our COVID-19 deferral offer from last Friday has triggered an even more ambitious member initiative. Donations were offered to help those who have financial difficulties paying for due subscription renewals as a result of the Corona crisis. We welcome this initiative and make the following arrangement: ▶️ Aid can be granted for subscription renewals that are becoming due, up to no more than 30 days in advance. ▶️ The prerequisite is a…

  • 2019-03-01 Invitation to Ipernity General Assembly 2019 (IGA2019)

    [EN] Dear members and friends of ipernity! 1) Seasonally fitting I welcome the visitors to our homepage from today with the spring pictures you provided. I thank you for your involvement! 2) As of today 38 Club members and 18 "free" users have already committed themselves financially for the reprogramming of ipernity. The sum of the paid contributions meanwhile amounts to 6,338 EUR (21% of the required starting capital). 3) The ima team has now defined a strategic guideline fo…

  • 2019-02-23 Supplement to Software Update Strategy

    ipernity reprogramming loan
    [EN] Dear members and friends of ipernity 1) We have heard your urgent wish to specify the reprogramming of our website in more details! A corresponding elaboration will be presented to you in the next Newsflash on March 01, 2019. 2) Furthermore, we would like to fulfill the repeatedly expressed wish not to limit our request for financial support of the project to a 5-year offer. We have calculated shorter running possibilities, which we will offer you today in addition and will also s…

  • 2019-02-14 [DE] Software-Update-Strategie

    ipernity club members
    [EN] Software Update Strategy [FR] Stratégie de mise à jour du logiciel Wir möchten euch heute ein Konzept für die immer dringlicher werdende Anpassung von ipernity an den Stand der Technik vorstellen. Damit verbunden ist das längst angekündigte Überleitungsangebot an die freien Nutzer. Es gilt ab heute für drei Monate, also bis zum 15. Mai 2019. Liebe Mitglieder und Freunde von ipernity! In den vergangenen 12 Monaten hat unsere Gemeinschaft für die Instandhaltung un…

  • 2017-10-13 Newsflash

    [EN] Dear members and friends of ipernity! 1) After having fixed the card and skrill payment issues just very recently, we are happy to confirm that the financial side of Ipernity has significantly stabilized. We already lowered the operation costs considerably and aspire to lower them further until the end of the year. 2) The latest bug, concerning the Google translator, has also been fixed. 3) Already, many existing club members have renewed their membership. However, some people h…

  • 2017-09-29 Newsflash

    [EN] Dear members and friends of ipernity! 1) Last week we encountered irregularities related to gift subscriptions and upgrades of ipernity users who never had been club members before. Both problems were resolved quickly. We are grateful for the help received from members and for the cooperation of Christophe Ruelle. 2) Our call for assistance yielded a pleasing resonance outcome, thanks for that as well. Depending on the urgency of the matter we will contact you individually. 3…

  • 2017-04-26 ima Agreement

    == EN == Hi everyone, I've received today the final proposal from the IMA.... I replied I was ok to accept. Papers will be signed / sent tomorrow... I'm very affected by some of the comments I've seen on the last post,.. I've been doing my best and worked hard to let ipernity survive... I don't see many person who would have worked as much as I did, without any other interest to keep the service online. Kind Regards Christophe. == FR == Bonjour tout le monde, J'ai recu…

  • About the IMA proposal / Au sujet de la proposition de l'IMA

    == EN == Hi Everybody, Just a quick message to say that we're 99% ok with the IMA proposal. I'm sure we will find in the next hours (maybe tomorrow) a final agreement. Please be sure that I'm doing my best to make the deal happen. Thank You for your patience and your understanding. Christophe Ruelle. PS : I will not be able to reply to all emails / comments shortly. == FR == Bonjour tout le monde, Un rapide messahe pour vous rassurer sur le fait que nous sommes à 99% d'a…

  • Crowdfunding by IMA day 2 - [EN] [FR]

    IMA campaign reaches 10k
    [EN] Hello to you all, 10,000$ has been collected already! We are amazed by your investement. Thank you so much for any participation, even the smallest, you are willing to do. And, please, KEEP spreading the information : https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/ipernity-members-association-a-non-profit-entity/ Sincerely, Ipernity team ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [FR] Bonjour…

  • Crowdfunding campaign by IMA [EN] [FR] -

    La campagne de financement participatif (crowdfunding) par l'IMA

  • SOLVED ISSUE - image display [EN] [FR]

    [EN] Hello to you all, Some of you noticed a problem with the previews (including icons) of different images, this also affects the album download tool. We are using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which should normally allow an optimal and fast display of the media. This temporary issue is generated at the moment of communication between the platform that handles the delivery (Amazon) and ipernity. Do not worry, no document is lost. We have contacted the support of Amazon, and w…

  • An association proposes to save ipernity ... [EN] [FR]

    [EN] Hello to you all, Since the announcement of ipernity upcoming shutdown, many of you have expressed their support and their willingness to help. An initiative stands out among the proposals we have received, the taking over of ipernity by a non-profit organization open to all users, the "Ipernity Members Association". This association (whose creation is planned) invites us today to inform you about a survey the aim of which is to know how many people want to support this initiative and…


    The lonely
    Happy Birthday ipernity (cool surprise at the end of article)

  • UPTIME 3535 *

    [EN] Dear friends, 2016 is a special year because - some will surely remember - in less than four months ipernity will celebrate its 10th anniversary ! The first ipernity Beta version was launched on May 15, 2006 and it was one of the rarest place - perhaps the first - which proposed the sharing of any type of content (photo / audio / video / file / ...) with relatives and archiving your data on long term. Originally, ipernity was not designed to share pictures only, but as a sh…

  • weiher, auf dem kopf stehend

    in der nähe vom kloster fürstenfeld, fürstenfeldbruck (anklicken für größere originalversion)

  • Dubai: Burj Khalifa + Burj al-Arab

    Burj Khalifa - At The Top
    Die schönsten und größten Gebäude der Welt Wie kommt man da überhaupt rein, und wie fühlt es sich an?

  • Mit dem Mietauto nach Dubai Underground

    Burj Khalifa
    In den VAE mit dem Auto zu fahren ist nicht schwer und - einen beobachtenden Rundumblick vorausgesetzt - auch nicht gefährlich. Immer gucken, was die anderen machen, dann geht das schon so fließend... Mit unserem Offline-Navi im Nokia hat alles superklasse funktioniert. Auf der Autobahn immer geradeaus, immer Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzungen fein beachten, juckelt man dahin. Von Ras al Khaimah im Norden kommend umfährt man die Innenstadt, wenn man zum Burj Kahalifa will. Die Autobahn wird dab…

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