I've been fooling around with electronic music instruments since 1975 when I put together a kit from Serge Modular. The Serge is long gone and you'll find pictures of my current setup here. I'd like to make some comments about some of my favorite pieces of gear.

First off, every positive thing you may have heard about the Sequentix P3 Sequencer is true, it's a classic! It's abillities to play back eight tracks of ever changing MIDI data are second to none. You have a fair amount of control over changes in what it plays, either from the front panel or an attached MIDI Keyboard (the Remote49 in my case). Easily the best piece of gear I've ever bought.

It's funny, but the absolute best bass voice in my system comes from the FB-01. I wrote an editor for it back in my Amiga days and came up with a number of useful ping sequencer voices. It's funny but the DX7 can't do the same sound, though it is a more sophisticated FM machine. The Voyager comes close with the Tight Bass preset, but the FB-01 just sounds better.

Want a good cheap effects box, look for an Ensoniq DP/2 on EBay. I own 2, they're great for everything but reverb (which ain't too bad).

The control surface on the Moog Voyager is wonderful. The knobs are all potentiometers, tied digitally to a fully analog signal path, and have a resolution of 8 bits. What's better is that they will send MIDI controller messages with more than 7 bits of resolution (yea!). The sound of the Voyager strikes me as somewhat limited, but what it does is very high quality.

I'm still using a DX7 as my main keyboard. I like the way it's channel pressure feels. I'm looking for something better though. I'd buy a S90ES, but I don't like its' voice hardware. I'm waiting to see the Kurzweil PC3 (don't wana give that ribbon up).