I decided to shrink my account form 1700something pictures to 140 as I got the notification from Ipernity telling me that only my last 200 pictures shall be visible if I do not join the club. I very well understand why Ipernity is doing this (like Flickr as well), but on the other hand I am participating very sporadically here in the last few years and it does not make sense to pay for a subscription. It was painful to delete the around 1550 pictures and songs since many of these contained memories I shared with the friends here with their comment, and it was also a record for my photographic development in the last years. However, it is time to step forward, this is why I reduced the account to a number of pictures I regard representative for me now. I also left a album that does not fit in the photo style to the others. Its title was “impressions from Syria”. It has been changed to “This was Syria” depicting people and places in Syria before the revolution and the civil war. This is to keep some memory of a country (my country of origin) that is being ravaged by war and many towns and cities are now destroyed and people are refugees. Anyway, the account has been drastically reduced at least by me and not by mere chronical succession of the last 200 pictures.
Cheers, Firas