I go every now and then to work with the bicycle when I feel really active and the weather is kind to me. Today was one of those days. Please note that the distance is 12km each way, what is not quite short. The nicest part of it is the peace where I ride along the Rhine river.

I decided today to take my camera with me and take a few pictures of a subject I was thinking of in the last days: Ships and boats. So, I left work relatively early and went along the river, starting at the so called Rodenkirchen Beach. It is amazing to see how people are enjoying these lovely days with great weather. I decided to sit at one spot and shoot the ships always from the same angle, position, etc. I did that maybe for one hour or more, while waiting for ships, watching ducks and swans begging for some food, dogs running after objects thrown into water, children feeding ducks, etc. This all was accompanied with great music out of my iPod shuffle (listen to the music in the album) that made me feel really like holiday. I also shot a few people enjoying themselves around. One of the nice parts of this walk was stopping at a boat-restaurant where I ate a waffle with hot cherries and ice cream. Delicious. More delicious was the waitress. I asked her for a portrait and she agreed (I am not posting that here, not now at least, till she agrees). I saw on the way another nice old boa restaurant with pleasant colours with the Cathedral in the background in the horizon. I had to think of Mona Lisa and take a picture for her of "her" cathedral. The end of this "walk" (it was in fact a ride on the bicycle) was at the old port that has been turned mostly into a a complex of modern buildings for galleries, companies, etc.

So, I am going to show you some of these pictures here. Hopefully you would enjoy the walk with me as well.