Today I was in Berlin in a business trip and had extra 2 hours before my flight back so I jumped into the Martin Gropius building where an exhibition of Richard Avedon is taking place. I was stunned by the beauty of the pictures, mostly portraits made with a large format camera in B&W. I was feeling during this that there is no need to make any further portraits in this world. Avedon did it all. It is an amazing feeling to stand before of these pictures, the very large ones and the smaller ones as well. I really do not know how he managed to capture people like this. The series that really astounded me is called "In The American West" of "normal" people of all kinds of professions. You should see these large prints in their huge size in order to be able to feel their real beauty.

Another thought I had was, I think that is not possible to make such beautiful B&W pictures with a digital camera, at least not now, but I might be wrong?

So, those who love photography, especially portraits, and can afford it MUST go to this exhibition.