Something serious happened as I began using and have continued to use
'old' technology. I don't actually think of cameras or lenses as 'old', therefore they interest me. Part of my mind simply thinks 'beauty', because I don't hold to the latest always being the best and the greatest. There is a fascination with using the technology that was part of making images that I love very much. ALONG with that however is a rebellious attitude. I am a working class boy from a working class family and had financial resources to just fork out and get new lenses or full frame cameras. On finding that I dont need the latest and the greatest to make beautiful images, more and more I have aquired 'old school' cameras and lenses and collected images that I like for more than I would perhaps if I had all the digital latest of everything ya got to have bucks kind of gear. Digital is quicker, easier to use in a workflow that may demand deadlines and huge as prints.
Reason No.1.
  • Resistance to the modern pre-occupation with the latest and the greatest, being where the best work is at.
And right there is one of the first reasons beyond being a somewhat recalcitrant individual. Old school technology slows things down, to a pace and rhythm that I enjoy and like.
So there's Reason No.2 for me.
  • Old school technology slow's things down a bit, has a rhythm and form.
I will add more as I go. What do you think?