All of the Bosch fridges are rated A or A+ for energy efficiency so that takes out one element to consider when deciding which fridge to go for. The fridges that are currently available from Bosch are offered as either under counter fridges or upright fridges. Obviously, the upright fridges are more likely to have the most space, but they are also more likely to take up the most space and if counter-space is a little bit precious in your kitchen, then the under counter options are probably going to be the best option for you, so we will take a look at those first.

The under counter Bosch fridges come as either freestanding or
built in appliances. There are almost always more options available in the Bosch freestanding selections and they come in three different group names: Logixx, Exxcel and Classixx. The Logixx fridges are the highest specification fridges that Bosch have to offer, the Classixx fridges are the lowest specification, most basic but still practical fridges that Bosch have got to offer and the Exxcell fridges from Bosch have a specification that is between the two.

The built in under counter
Bosch fridge selection is smaller than the freestanding selection and offers only two models for you to choose between. Both of the built under fridges are rated A for energy efficiency and the main difference between the two is the capacity, which is 141 litres on the KUR15A40 and 112 litres on the KUL15A40 model.

Now for the upright fridges. Again, the freestanding selection is far larger than the built in selection, but for an upright fridge, the freestanding models are a great option if you want a larger capacity fridge and have the room to spare in your kitchen.

The highest specification fridge available in the upright freestanding selection is the Logixx KSR38A01GB model. As with many high specification appliances from
Bosch, this Bosch fridge is rated A+ for energy efficiency. Energy efficient appliances not only save you money on energy bills, but are also less harmful to the environment than appliances with a lower energy efficiency rating. None of Bosch’s current range of fridges release CFCs and HFCs into the atmosphere- gases that are known to either be harmful to the ozone layer or that contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Even the built in upright fridges from Bosch have models with very large capacities ranging from 151 litres to 246 litres net capacity. There is also a choice of height- very important when purchasing an appliance that is going to be built in. The heights of the upright and built in Bosch fridges range between 87cm and 177cm. All of the appliances in this particular selection have an energy efficiency rating of A.

Whether you decide upon an upright, under counter, built in or freestanding Bosch fridge, all of the appliances within this range have silver natural elements within their lining (excluding the 55cm Classixx fridge freezers), bacteria, micro organism and algae growth inside your fridge.