It is probable that the harmony of the Universe is achieved by a tentative balance with equal amounts of propulsion and expulsion:Magnatism and expulsion: Anti matter and gravitational pull;

Friction being the cause of the sun and all matter under and around, above and parallel to one another, the subjects of such laws.

LOVE is a primordial source affecting not only the human species but all of the creative forces enabling birth and growth to flourish.

Decomposition, decay and antimatter are subsidary entities, discarded and rejected by the primordial energy.

Human beings rank fairly low down on the scale of the growing and sprouting excistance-hence we do not compete with flora and fauna and our decay takes only a matter of decades to begin.

I believe there is order to every occurance and that all things have thus a reason. I debunk the idea of random events within the universe and thus it is possible that universal energy is limited and subject to a force, gentle and strong and INTELLIGENT.