After a day in the Kent countyside at an ecology centre learning how to build a house from Straw bales! (see pic) i fully intended to take the next day at a leisually pace untill i was listening to the local radio station and they announced a "free Tibet" demonstration was taking place in 45 mins in Canterbury city centre, which is 27 miles from where i live! so i hot footed it down there and spent a lovely couple of hours chanting and taking photos. A group of Chinese demonstraters turned up and started heckling us but were told by the police to shut up! (a bit of Karma there as there is no free speach in Tibet) The chinese even had the nerve to ask us to "please stop the violence in tibet as we love Tibet" (?) I bet you do mate. Still, i met some lovely people and enjoyed it emensly. Hope you like the new photos. And i hope you have a great week!